• Land Rate
For the costing of Land, the land rate shall be taken as applicable on the date of Allotment. 
  • Location Charges
If the plot is situated on a road having 18 meter or more width, 10% of the cost shall be paybale as location charges.
  • Corner Charges
If the plot is a corner plot (i.e. the plot is situated on road from two sides), 10% shall be payable as corner charges.
  • Park Facing
If the Plot is facing any park, 5% shall be additionally payable as park facing charges
  • Combination
In case for any plot, all the above charges are applicable, the maximum charges applicable shall be 20%.  
  • Transfer of Property Charges 
In case, on demand of applicant, the property is changed, 15% of total value of transferred property shall be charged as transfer fee.
  • Cost of Additional Land
In case, the are of the plot is more than the standard/ allotted area, the cost of extra land shall be calculated with the land rate at the time of allotment for the area upto 10% increase, and for balance increased area, land rate shall be the current prevailing rates.
  • Costing For Houses
Generally the cost mentioned on the allotment letter is the estimated price of the House. The actual cost of the House is calculated when the actual expenditure of construction, duration of work and interest rate are received from the engineering section. The cost is calculated on the basis of actual cost of construction, interest for half of the duration, Consultancy, overhead charges and the cost of land.
  • Mutation
The mutation charges shall be calculated @ 1% of the current market price of the property.
  • Costing for Multistory Property
The costing of the multistory buildings are done similar to the houses as far as the construction is concerned. For calculation of the land cost following methodology is adopted

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Tender Notice letter no.35 and 36/e-nividaabhi0anu0/G.D.A./2017-18 dt 05/02/2018

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Registration open for unsold property of G. D.A,Gorakhpur

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Greater Visakhpatnam Municipal Corporation (WSUP ADVISORY)

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Lottry Result Lake View Appartment 30-08-2017

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मानबेला एंव पोख्रर भिण्डा उर्फ करीमनगर के अर्जित भुमि के सापेक्ष् अनुग्रह ध् नराशि हेतु आवेदन पत्र का प्रारूप ।

Date extended of Lake view apartment in Lake view Vistar

Lake view apartment in lake view vistar

Auction Land of Corporate Park.

Utility and store in Vasundhara Enclave Phase First.

लेक व्यू विस्तार योजना में तारामण्डल के निकट लेक व्यू अपार्टमेंन्ट्स योजना

गोरखपुर विकास प्राधिकरण में पार्क खेल का मैदान और खुली जगह की सूची

गोरखपुर विकास प्राधिकरण के क्षेत्रान्तर्गत पार्कों, खेल का मैदान तथा खुली जगह की सूची के सम्बन्ध में सूचना

Simplified Guideline for All New Buildings in the Seismic Zone IV of India

आश्रयहीन आवासीय योजना के उन आवंटियों के नाम जिनको कारण बताओ नोटिस भेजा गया है।

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